About Wayne Riker

Riker's first adventure with guitars began a little while after the Beatles had arrived in the United States. With his first show in 1967 at The Cafe Bizarre in New Your City. What began as a hobby had transformed into ambition and career. As a result of performing instrumental shows alone, he has had the opportunity to play in over fifty bands across diverse genres.

Wayne earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. After school, he decided to take time to pursue a career in music and in 1979 attended The Guitar Institute of Technology.

Past Bands of Wayne Riker

1967-68: The Xenomaniacs (rock)

1969-72: Polite Confusion (rock-jazz fusion)

1973: The Fandangoes (rhythm & blues)

1973: Times Square (show/dance band)

1973-74: Crazy Elephant (concert tour group)

1974: Peppermint Rainbow (concert tour group)

1974-75: The Heartland Band (show/dance band)

1976: The English Version (pop/rock/show band)

1977-78: Twin Guitar Special (musical variety duo)

1980: Branded (country)

1980-81: Fancy Pants (Top 40)

1981: The Wayne Foster Group (special events variety group)

1981-82: Hey Fever (progressive country

1982: Roberta Linn and the Gamblers (show/cabaret)

1982-84: Timepiece (rhythm & blues)

1984-85: Stone's Throw (vintage jazz)

1985: Elvis Excitement (Elvis Presley cover)

1986-89: Sh-Boom (vintage rock)

1990: Then & Now (show/dance band)

1991: Fahrenheit (show/dance band)

1992: Judy Ames & Odyssey (Top 40)

1995: The Heller/Riker Duo

1997-99: Bursting at the Seams (rock)

1999-2003: Shelle Blue (rhythm & blues)



Wayne has taught privately since 1973. Riker has taught in New York City, Topeka, Kansas, Rochester, Minnesota, and now in San Diego.

Throughout his career, Riker has conducted several joint workshops with many well respected guitarists. Between 1967 and 2003, thousands of shows were played. However, a one year hiatus was taken for studying.





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