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Below are eight of my electric blues books with Alfred Publishing, which all have been global best sellers since 1994, and can be ordered below at the listed sites as well as my latest self-published release, Putting Chords In Their Place.



Putting Chords in their Place

Book/CD set. This book is a culmination of a long career in many musical trenches. Chord form choices can be subtlety and/or strikingly different from one type of music to the next. This book will cut to the chase in solving the chord conundrum of what chord form to play in different musical settings, explaining only the relevant theory and chord forms needed to put chords immeditately in their place.

Putting Chords In Their Place (With Audio Disc) - $25 and Free Shipping

Blues Soloing Strategies For Guitar

Book/CD set. 16 full-length solos broken down and discussed in detail, covering everything from blues form to soloing structure and technique. Chicago, Delta, rock, funk, jump, jazz, and minor styles are analyzed to help you learn how to make your own strong musical statement. A CD demonstrating all the examples in the book and with play-alongs is included. Note/tab. 95 pp.

Guitar Roots: Chicago Blues (#18483)

This book is designed for guitar players who love the blues and want to become more familiar with Chicago-Style blues. Great Chicago blues arepggios and licks are included along with lessons on chord progressions, turnarounds, gospel blues and more. There is loads of Chicago blues trivia and interesting facts. Easy-to-read examples are shown in standard music notation and TAB. The CD includes examples to make learning easier.

Blues Guitar Techniques (#14919)

This book is packaged with a play-along CD at an unbeatable price, and full of pictures of the pros in action, providing motivation for students. The gradual and rewarding learning pace is based on sound educational values loved by teachers and students alike.

By Wayne Riker And Matt Smith. Book & CD. 56 pages.

Blues Licks Encyclopedia

Over 300 guitar licks licks, intros and turnarounds in delta, Chicago, Texas, rock, country, swing, minor and slide blues styles. Includes sections on how to read music, blues techniques and a handy table of scales. Everything is shown in easy-to-read standard music notation and TAB. The CD includes a demonstration of all the licks.

96 pages Book & CD

Mastering Blues Guitar (2nd Edition)

This advanced volume in the comprehensive method
for blues guitarists is also a great DVD for rock
players who want to develop a blues edge. Covers
theory from blues scales, composite scales, and
the Mixolydian mode to arpeggio superimpositions
and the 8-bar blues form, with examples of gospel
blues, minor blues, and more. Also includes licks
in the styles of blues masters such as Muddy Waters,
Big Bill Broonzy, Freddie King, B. B. King, John Lee
Hooker and many others.This classic book has now been a worldwide best seller since 1994.

Blues Guitar for Adults

This fun and friendly step-by-step introduction to blues guitar is written with the adult learner in mind. It is both a great self-teaching book and a great method for use with an instructor. Blues Guitar for Adults covers scales and techniques for blues lead guitar, important blues forms---such as the 12-bar and 8-bar blues progressions---and even provides licks in the style of the most important blues guitar masters. Easy-to-read examples are written in standard music notation and TAB, and there’s a special section at the end showing all the scales and arpeggios you need to play the blues. Large diagrams and detailed photographs help simplify the learning process. A CD demonstrating all the examples in the book is included, making learning easier and more fun. This is the perfect "how to" book for the grown-up who wants to play the blues!

Blues Tracks

Blues Tracks is the most effective learning tool you will ever use. There are over 30 tunes that range from simple to complex, all in the style of seminal blues artists like Big Bill Broonzy, B.B. King, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, and many others. Lead sheets include tips and scales, and the accompaniment audio tracks are long enough to let you stretch out and experiment as your chops develop. The scales shown in standard music notation, TAB, and guitar-neck diagrams. This book and MP3 CD is the perfect way for you to make the most out of your practice time and seriously advance your improvisational skills.

Easy Blues Licks DVD (#23225)

Finally, you can learn cool licks, riffs, songs, and grooves-in a variety of styles-just by watching and doing. When there is no reading required, a new world is opened to all of us who love music, want to learn a lot more, but don't have the time for all that standard music notation and theory. Countless musicians have learned this way from friends, family and teachers. But now, with this exciting new video series, you can learn from the pros in an easy-going and fun way. With this DVD series, learning music has never been so quick, exciting or enjoyable.

"Easy Blues Guitar Licks" shows you essential blues riffs, licks and phrases. You'll learn blues rhythm guitar patterns, left-hand techniques (including slides, trills, hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato and bending), and right-hand techniques such as sweep picking and pick attack. This DVD also includes a basic analysis of solos and covers the 12-bar blues form.