From the 60's in Greenwich Village to present....a chronological career photo journal.


0004083-R1-E012 1.("Ferris Wheel",Cafe Bizarre,Greenwich Village,Manhattan,N.Y.C.,1967....this infamous club,located at 106 W.3rd St.,right around the corner from the Cafe Wha,is now an inconspicuous dress shop).

2009-06-05-0055-39 2.(band rehearsal,1969,Bronx,N.Y.C.).

2009-06-03-2101-47 3.("Polite Confusion",1970,Bronx,N.Y.C.)

2009-06-03-0049-08 4.(my goodness,the old custom painted 1969 Hagstrom III electric and Ampeg Gemini II amp, "Polite Confusion",Bronx,N.Y.C.,1970).

2009-06-01-1327-08 5.(watching my Greenwich Viilage compatriot, and guitar hero at the "miracle on 139th St." concert,New York City,Sept. 5,1969.This photo was used on the back Cd cover of "Voodoo Soup",a compilation of Hendrix tunes that was released in 1996. A student of mine,Brent Hopkins,discovered this picture shortly after the Cd's release,and showed it to me,knowing I was there for that historic night in Harlem,pictured just to the right of Jimi's hip.

2009-06-07-1422-09 6.(jammin' in Central Park,N.Y.C.,1971).

2009-06-01-1519-22 7.("Polite Confusion",1972,Bronx,N.Y.C.).

2009-05-21-1157-29 8.("Times Square",1973,Catskill Mountains,Haines Falls,N.Y.).

2009-06-04-2221-22 9.("Times Square",The Villagio Italia Resort,Haines Falls,N.Y.,Oct.,1973).

2009-06-04-2234-24 10.(touring the Jersey shore with hitmaker,"Crazy Elephant",Piscataway & Long Branch,New Jersey,1973).

2009-06-01-1448-07 11.(back in the Jersey gig days when "Crazy Elephant" was "boss",.and took top billing on the marquee,Cookstown N.J.,February,1974).

2009-06-01-1626-43 12.(Artist Al Loving's N.Y.C. Times Square loft,housing dozens of creative artists. My Les Paul waits for another 12 hour practice day,1974).

2009-06-01-0018-00 13.("Crazy Elephant",1974,Manhattan,N.Y.C.).

2009-06-01-1130-15 14.(me with "Crazy Elephant" at The Village Gate in Greenwich Village,Manhattan,N.Y.C.,1974).

2009-06-01-1517-06 15.("The Heartland Band",1974,Lawrence,Kansas)

2009-06-01-1122-58 16.("The Heartland Band",after a gig in Norfolk,Nebraska,1974)

2009-05-28-1215-23 17.(one of many thousand gigs on the road;my 1957 Guild (#4039),keeping me company,Aventino Hotel,Sioux City,Iowa,Nov.,1974)

2009-06-01-0031-05 18.("The Heartland Band",1975, Lawrence,Kansas)

2009-06-01-0021-32 19.("The English Version",1976,Topeka,Kansas)

2009-06-01-0201-08 20.("Twin Guitar Special",1977,Milwaukee,Wisconsin)

2009-06-03-0059-55 21.(me with "Twin Guitar Special", The Shoreline Hotel,Thunder Bay,Ontario,Canada,November,1977)

2009-06-10-1406-51 22.(my road warrior pet,Tico the cat,who traveled with me to all road gigs between 1975-1980,covering 25 states and Canada).

2009-06-01-0033-05 23.("Fancy Pants",1980,San Diego,California)

2009-05-31-0953-13 24.("Hey Fever",1981,San Diego,California)

2009-07-06-1518-10 25. (no band picture for Roberta Linn & The Gamblers,so I snapped this photo recently at The Lawrence Welk Village's museum. Linn,pictured in 1949,as Welk's first television "champagne lady." I was her guitarist in 1982 for an eight month gig at the Atlantis Restaurant,across from Sea World. The Gamblers were a seven piece group,with numerous musicians coming and going throughout her five year run at this now defunct restaurant.

2009-05-31-0940-21 26.(Ramona Bluegrass Festival,Ramona,California,May,1982)

2009-06-01-1109-24 27.("The New Expression Band",Julian Banjo & Fiddle contest,Julian,California,September,1982)

2009-06-01-0328-11 28.("Timepiece",1983,San Diego,California)

2009-06-03-0029-11 29.("Stone's Throw",1984,San Diego,California)

2009-06-01-0036-47 30.("Stone's Throw",the Olympic Village concert,Los Angeles,August 8,1984)

2009-06-01-0243-47 31.("Tobacco Road" & "Stone's Throw" performing together at "Hep Cat Holiday",San Diego Hotel,San Diego,California,1984...this classic San Diego landmark was imploded a couple of decades later).

0004083-R1-E015 32.("Stone's Throw",1985)

2009-06-01-0041-52 33. ("Stone's Throw",the "Love Boat",somewhere in the Caribbean,1985)

2009-05-20-1628-59 34.(gig on the "Love Boat",during the television show's final season,Cabo San Lucas,Mexico,1985)

2009-06-03-0149-48 35.(me & singer,Rosemary Clooney,after a midday pit band rehearsal for her nightly set on board the "Love Boat",1985)

2009-06-01-1516-11 36.(the real captain of the "Love Boat",1985)

2009-06-03-2115-18 37.(Raider's football player,Derrick Jensen,sits in to sing a tune with us on the "Love Boat",1985).

2010-11-16-1604-02 37a) ( The Royal Princess)

2009-06-01-1434-26 38.(me with "Stone's Throw",Elario's Nightclub,La Jolla,California,1985...a grand stage that featured numerous jazz luminaries,long gone with a new ownership,redesigned and renamed).

2009-06-10-1408-07 39.(gig at the infamous Red Dog Saloon in Juneau,Alaska,1985,not to be confused with the just as infamous Red Dog Saloon in Lawrence,Kansas,which I also played at, about a decade or so earlier,now known as The Opera House).

2009-06-04-1157-33 40.(Glacier Bay,Alaska,taken from the lounge I played at on board the Royal Princess,August,1985. One week later I went from this scenery,playing in luxury,good pay and five buffets a day,to playing in a dive bar in Spring Valley,California,behind chicken wire,lousy pay,and crappy fried food)

2009-06-04-1701-48 41.(speaking of chicken wire,welcome to the Mayflower Tavern,Cheyenne,Wyoming,a decade earlier.."you boys better play some country." )

2009-06-01-0038-51 42.("Elvis Excitement",1985,San Diego,California)

2009-06-01-0302-55 43.("Sh-Boom",1986,San Diego,California)

2009-06-01-0044-08 44.(with "Sh-Boom",Pacific Terrace Inn,San Diego,California,1987)

2009-06-01-1338-46 45.(with "Sh-Boom",holiday party gig, Intercontinental Hotel, San Diego, California,1987)

0004083-R1-E019 46.(my daughter,Tara,ready to head out with me to my next gig,an "all ages" event of course,1987)

0004083-R1-E010 47.(with "Sh-Boom",Pacific Terrace Inn,San Diego,California,1988)

0004083-R1-E020 48.(made it just in time,after the third set at Gilbey's bar in Escondido,California,to help deliver my son,Trent, at UCSD Medical Center in San Diego;otherwise, would I be wearing that silly looking band outfit shirt?...10/28/88)

2009-06-10-1409-33 49. (me with "Sh-Boom",playing at the grand opening day of The San Diego Trolley system,May 13,1989,Massachusetts station,Lemon Grove,California).

2009-06-07-1430-50 50.(band for musical production, "Are You Lonesome Tonight",Lyceum Theatre,San Diego,California,1989)

2009-06-01-1026-16 51.(on stage at the Lyceum Theatre in the musical production, "Are You Lonesome Tonight",San Diego,California,1989)

2009-06-01-1025-13 52.(in concert,San Rafael,California,1990)

2009-05-23-1002-56 53.(San Diego Folk Heritage Festival,Del Mar,California,1991)

2009-06-03-0340-51 54.(cast pic of San Diego Rep's production of "The Rocky Horror Show",which I was guitarist/musical conductor,Lyceum Theatre,San Diego,California,1991)

0004083-R1-E014 55.(band photo for "The Rocky Horror Show",1991)

0004083-R1-E011 56.(opening night,"TheRocky Horror Show",1991)

2009-06-01-0029-05 57.("Judy Ames & Odyssey",1992,San Diego,California)

2009-06-03-1659-22 58.(poster for Deb Liv Johnson's CD release concert with me,Peter Sprague,Duncan Moore,Peggy Watson & Paco Shipp,1992)

2009-07-10-1953-30 59. (my children,Tara & Trent,on the set of "Reunion",a rock 'n' roll musical I played guitar for in 1994,at the Checker's Theatre in the Gaslamp disrict in San Diego,which became a comedy club,and then the Juke Joint in latter years. This show featured the band backing up narrator and singer Wolfman Jack in the last month of it's run).

2009-05-21-1603-49 60..(me & Sarah MacLachlan,backstage at Spreckels Theatre,San Diego,California,1994)

2009-05-23-0955-31 61.(One of my former NGW students,Dave Sinclair (K.D. Lang,Sarah MacLachlan) & me,Spreckels Theatre,San Diego,1994)

2009-07-10-1925-22 62. (Band for musical theater production, "Dixie Highway",me,Bill Doyle,Fred Lanuza & Tom Versen,Hahn Theatre,San Diego,California,July,1994).

2009-06-01-1418-17 63.(me & Bill Doyle,musical conductor/pianist, on break from rehearsal of musical production,"A Christmas Carol",Lyceum Theatre,San Diego,California,1994).

2009-06-03-1617-20 64.(band for musical theater production, "A Christmas Carol",Lyceum Theatre,San Diego,California,1994).

2009-05-22-1855-59 65.(playing at the NAMM show,Anaheim,California,1995)

2009-05-23-0954-23 66.(me & fellow guitar clinician,Alex Skolnick,(Testament,Stu Hamm,Transiberian Orchestra)at the NAMM show,1995)

2009-05-23-1000-55 67.(Fellow guitar clinician,Adam Levy (Tracy Chapman,Dan Hicks & Norah Jones),after guitar clinic/concert in ,Los Angeles,1995)

2009-05-23-0953-14 68.(me & Robbie Krieger(The Doors),after clinic/concert in Los Angeles,1995).

2009-06-01-0025-50 69(band for musical theater production, "Suds", San Diego,California,1995).

2009-06-03-1930-42 70.(opening night at the Lyceum Thaetre for the San Diego Rep's production of "Suds",San Diego,California,Sept.,1995)

2009-06-03-1948-01 71.(Poway,California location for San Diego Rep's production of "Suds",1996).

2009-06-03-2023-35 72.(Musical director/guitarist for Poway production of "Suds", featuring cast: Melinda Gilb,Shana Ride,Steve Gunderson & Sue Mosher, January,1996).

2009-06-03-2030-38 73.(band for musical production of "Suds",at The Poway Performing Arts Center,Poway,California,1996)

2009-05-23-0959-49 74.(me with "Loose Cannon",The Navajo Inn,San Diego,California, renamed the Second Wind bar)

2009-06-03-1523-31 75.(in concert,Redlands,California,1996)

2009-05-23-0957-31 76.(Guitarist,Martin Simpson & me relaxing after mutual guitar clinics,Los Angeles,1996)

2009-05-23-0958-33 77.(me & Victor Wooten(Bela Fleck),teaching at improv clinic,Los Angeles,1996)

2009-06-01-0944-11 78.(band for musical theater production, "A Christmas Carol",Lyceum Theatre,San Diego,California,1996)

2009-06-01-0954-16 79.(me with guitar maker,Paul Reed Smith,receiving an endorsement,Anaheim,California,1997)

2009-06-03-2121-58 80..(PRS endorsement promo pic,1997)

2009-06-01-0352-51 81.(solo gig in Vista,California,1997)

2009-05-21-1555-42 82.(me & Luther Guitar Johnson in concert,Waterbury,Connecticut,1997)

2009-06-03-2057-32 83.(me & Philly blues guitarist,Harry Jacobson,during a week of east coast clinics and concerts,1998).

2009-06-01-0403-13 84.(publicity shot in front of House of Strings music shop,San Diego,1999)

2009-06-03-1602-51 85.(me with "Bursting At The Seams",Ramona,California,1999).

2009-05-23-0951-57 86.(me with "Bursting At The Seams",Japatul,California,1999).

2009-06-01-1057-40 87.(author picture from my "Blues Licks Encyclopedia" instructional book,1999)

2009-05-23-0942-56 88.(me with the"The Shelle Blue Band", Adams Avenue Street Fair,San Diego,California,September,1999)

2009-05-23-0903-46 89.(me & Marty Friedman (Megadeth),after a clinic/concert in Los Angeles,2000).

2009-06-01-1048-49 90.(me with blues seminar class,Oakland,California,2000)

2009-06-03-1636-08 91.("The Electrocarpathians",2001,San Diego,California)

2009-06-01-0212-55 92.("The Shelle Blue Band",band photo at gig at Buster Daly's,2002,San Diego, renamed U-31).

2009-06-03-1543-56 93.(me & jazz guitarist, Jody Fisher,fellow Alfred Publishing instructional book author at the NAMM show,2003,Anaheim,California)

2009-06-03-1508-43 94.(last day of business at The House of Strings,3411 Ray St.,San Diego,California(me,George Thorwood & Jon Barker,April 29,2003)

2009-05-23-0926-23 95.(me & Redd Volkaert (Merle Haggard),after presenting a clinic/concert in Austin,Texas,2003)

2009-06-01-1358-29 96.(In concert at Antone's, Austin,Texas,2003).

2009-06-03-2107-20 97.(backstage before concert in Austin Texas with guitarist David Hamburger(left),and drummer,Ernie Durawa,2003).

2009-05-23-0944-00 98.(me & Dave Grissom (Storyville,Allman Brothers,Dixie Chicks),after presenting a clinic/concert in Austin,Texas,2004)

2009-05-22-1846-38 99. (me & Eric Johnson after a "Blue Mondays" jam concert at Antone's in Austin,Texas,2004).

2009-05-22-1627-20 100. (me with "The Electrocarpathians",Hyatt Hotel,San Diego,California,2004).

2009-05-23-0945-06 101.(in concert,Loyola Marymount University,Los Angeles,2005)

2009-06-05-0143-31 102.(Acoustic Guitar Magazine,February,2006,publishing transcription of my tune,"The Aftermath",and listed on their front cover)

2009-06-03-0134-59 103.(solo gig,Wine Bar,Gaslamp Quarter,San Diego,California,2006)

IMG_1230 104.(the solo instrumental acoustic guitar adventure begins,2008).

2009-06-07-1441-47 105.(Cd release show promo,May,2008).

wayne nathan ben 106.(promo flier for my second house concert at Old Time Music,July,2008).

2009-06-01-1116-59 107.(promo pic for Wayne's World I concert,2009).

untitled 108. (Wayne's World I concert, March 7,2009).

untitled 109. (me & Charlie Imes,Wayne's World I concert,March 7,2009).

untitled 110. (me & Barbara Nesbitt,Wayne's World I concert,March 7,2009).

untitled 111.(me & Steph Johnson,Wayne's World I concert, March 7,2009).

untitled 112. (me,Charlie,Steph & Barbara,Wayne's World I concert, March 7,2009).

P4251890 113. (Adams Avenue Roots Festival,San Diego,California,April,2009).

WW 114. (promo pic for Wayne's World II concert,October 17,2009).

DSC06116 115. (Wayne's World II concert, October 17,2009).

DSC06120 116. (me & Laura Kuebel,Wayne's World II concert, October 17,2009).

DSC06125 117. (me & John Dodge,Wayne's World II concert, October 17,2009).

DSC06130 118. (Veronica May,Wayne's World II concert, October 17,2009).

"Full Soul Ahead" 119. (released, February 1, 2010).

2010-04-18-0127-52 120. (Bill,Barb,me,Berk,at Botticelli's, Austin, Texas, April 8, 2010

pensky 121. (Penumbral Sky CD, released March 1, 2011).

rikerebec 122. (Rebecca's Coffeehouse, San Diego, California, October, 2011)